Profitable Home Based Business and the Power of Leverage

It's a nice idea to dream about your profitable home based business being just that - super profitable. It's also a shame that most people don't realize that dream because they can't figure out how the internet marketing game really works.

Most people start out a profitable home based business as an affiliate of someone else's products. A nice idea, but very few internet marketers are making big money simply by promoting other people's products.

In many cases, it's very difficult for one to imagine creating their own unique product or service, so naturally, promoting other people's products as an affiliate has its appeal. The problem is that as an affiliate, you are likely only going to earn a small portion of what the product creator is making while you do all the work for them.

This can be good if you're good at internet marketing and only looking to make a few extra bucks on the side. But if you hope to make big money on the internet and build a truly profitable home based business, then you best consider creating your own product.

A natural starting point in product creation is writing your own e-book. I would say this is going to be pretty tough, unless you've been in business for a while, learning new things as you go, and gaining some experience in your chosen niche.

On the other hand, if you are wishing to write about something you know a lot about already, then it will be even easier for you to write your first e-book, and chances are you will have more success with your profitable home based business because you are doing something you already know about and love.

The nice thing about writing your first e-book is that you don't even have to charge money for it to make money with it. The best way to make sales is in fact to give away something valuable for free.

Within your e-book you incorporate links to your website's products and services, and once you've convinced your readers to click, they will visit your site and make a decision to buy from you or not.

You may not feel this is an effective way to reach your potential customers, but anyone who downloads your free e-book is a targeted audience already wanting the information you are going to provide to them for free.

The key thing to remember at this point is that even you make a few sales using this method, you should definitely not stop there. A few sales are nice, but now it's time to consider the power of "leverage".

"Leverage" is something many affiliates don't ever think about, but without it, you may putter along through your profitable home based business career making only a few sales here and there.

Of course most of us want more than a few extra bucks per month - we want a truly profitable home based business that will be substantial enough to pay off some big bills, a car, a holiday, education, or a mortgage.

Leverage means using other people to help us promote our profitable home based businesses. This is an example of how we should not only do what the internet marketing gurus say, but do as they do.

For example, say you are promoting one of Ewen Chia's products via Clickbank. You might earn a good commission if you promote his product, but he makes the majority of money from your efforts as an affiliate.

Instead of stopping at the affiliate stage, it's wise to make bigger money online by creating your product (your first e-book), doing as Ewen Chia does and building a team of your own affiliates, who will then work to promote your product for you.

With this type of leverage in your profitable home based business, you can expect to experience the "viral" power of the internet, with a team of hundreds, possibly thousands of affiliates promoting your product to earn a commission. Think of the sales you could make through this power of leverage!

To further make your product "viral", you can charge a fee to those wanting to purchase the rights to brand your e-book with their own affiliate links. So if you are struggling with your profitable home based business, it's time to use the power of leverage to explode your income!